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Opaque Polymer Roof Tiles


6kg per Square Metre! Granulated Pan Tiles, Ridge Tiles, Flashing Tiles/Dry Verge and End Caps are available in a choice of 5 colours.

■ Ultra lightweight
■ Fast and easy to install
■ Able to be installed from an
   inclination of 10 degrees
■ Easy to saw and cut
■ Mountable from 8°c – 50°c
■ Fully weather resistant to -20°c
■ UV resistant and colour fast
■ Excellent sound absorption
■ Non corrosive
■ Good thermal insulation
■ Durable

4.5kg per Square Metre! Pan Tiles, Ridge Tiles, Flashing Tiles/Dry Verge and End Caps available.

This un-granulated tile has a smooth finish, it is UV stable as it has a UV additive added during its production.

Its lighter in weight then the granulated version, its also cheaper that is why we call it the Budget Tile.

It looks great and is proving a huge success for the application of re-roofing (over roofing) old, tired, bubbled, torn, cheap thin felt roofs commonly found on sheds and stables.

These tiles will allow 85% of the light through, making it ideal for car ports, basic lean to roofs, or for letting in some much-needed light into your garden shed, or even stable.


Brown | Slate Grey | Brick Red | Barley Straw | Green

Grey White
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INCREDIBLY TOUGH - Our polymer is incredibly hard-wearing and flexible. TRADE AND DIY - Our tiles are versatile. Great for DIY projects like shed roofs, summer houses and garages. Convert a flat pitch roof, fit over existing tiles, or give your wendy house a real makeover. ECO FRIENDLY - Our manufacturing process utilizes recycled materials, and the base of our tile is produced using, among other things, recycled nappies!




Not only are our tiles very light and strong, but they are simple to fit. They are easy to saw and cut. With just some batons, a drill, a screwdriver and a handful of screws, you can transform your roof in a couple of hours.

Each tile sheet is made up of 6 profiled tiles that fit next to each other, overlapping and fitting snuggly in place.

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EU Tested | Fire Rated | Made In Britain | Eco-Friendly | 25-Year Warranty